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Bookkeeping Services Comox Valley


Mid Isle Bookkeeping Services is a “niche” bookkeeping provider serving businesses in the Comox Valley and neighbouring areas.

If you are an individual entrepreneur, sole proprietor or even a “Mom and Pop” operation that does not require the use of a formal accounts payable or receivable functions of an accounting system or have staff  on payroll, we can save you money by charging less than a “full service” bookkeeper.

Good examples of those we can help are individual artists or retailers, plumbers, electricians, realtors, B&B operators or any other single person operation.

Our number one priority is to accurately record all of your business’ incomes and expenditures using bookkeeping software and to provide you with timely financial information in the form of monthly balance sheets and monthly and year-to-date income statements. At year end, we will ensure that you are completely ready to take your statements to your accountant to prepare your tax returns.

Whether you hire a bookkeeper or not, it is important to consult a bookkeeper as soon as you start a business in order to determine your needs with respect to how you deal with bank accounts , credit cards and the necessary paperwork to support your business activities.

We are accessible and personable and totally committed to your satisfaction.

If you don’t have a bookkeeper, why should you consider one? Your time is extremely valuable to you, so put it to better use – either more billable or working hours or more R&R time!

Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce

Member in good standing.